An Open and Candid Discussion | Part 3

The Book of Revelation

We do not dismiss or discount the book of Revelation.  But we do dismiss and discount the various interpretations that suggest or imply that either Jesus or the Father is bloodthirsty and seeking a horrific end to their own creation. 

We respect the book of Revelation and, to a large extent, we understand it. We believe that as man comes to a better understanding of God and Jesus and their purpose for man, the meaning of Revelation will unfold for us all. Some are already getting the sense of it.  For our part, we are content to allow this matter to unfold naturally and progressively as it did, and continues to do, for us. The Spirit of Truth is not impotent.  He will, as stated, ‘guide us into all truth.’ (John 16:13) We are certain there is no better way to understand the prophecy than by personal revelation by means of the Spirit.  

Christianity as a whole has failed to understand the visions of Revelation for the same reason the Jews failed to recognize Jesus as the coming savior. Because their minds have been blinded by faulty interpretations of their scribes who unwittingly promote the error instituted and fomented by the Adversary – interpretations that obscure and deny the truth, beauty, goodness and glory of the Father and His Christ.  

Having said that, we do believe that one can be primed to receive a better understand of the book of Revelation if one understands the historic development of matters pertaining to man’s salvation. Perhaps a brief overview of man’s religious history, following the path leading to the Christ  will open hearts and minds to the true message of Revelation.  


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