The Lord’s Year of Favor | Part 6

A Jubilee!

From Jesus’ first proclamation of a Jubilee down to this day, mankind was not to be ‘poor,’ but rich in spiritual values; not to be ‘prisoners,’ but to be free from religious dominion by men; not to be ‘blind,’ but insightful and enlightened; and not to be ‘oppressed,’ but self-respecting dignified sons of God. Imagine our world if all ages since the times of the 1st century had remained liberated thinkers. The growth would be staggering.  No doubt our celestial family could have continued to readily show themselves to any and everyone when needed.  This would have made it clear that if mankind continues to live the Christ-Life with love and without fear, boldly and out loud, then indeed heaven would have come down and the world would have truly rejoiced in the glad tidings of the Lord’s Year of favor, as directed by his perfect Creator Son, the great Sovereign of our Universe.

It has been slow in coming, but it is not too late.  Heaven will, in fact, come down and, in the hearts and minds of men and women everywhere, the spirit will live in a more outwardly and open way as was intended.  The spirit of freedom is moving through lands and islands, through cities and valleys, through homes and villages. Therefore, we encourage each son of God to reach heights they never thought possible and to imagine in truth a heaven on earth, and in time, the imagined will become tomorrow’s reality. Not by might, but by spiritual strength (Zechariah 4:6) and unshakable faith in the words of Jesus.  There is no place for fear in a free people who are related to a fearless Father. (2 Corinthians 3:17)

We see it on the horizon.  The future is far grander and nearer than even the sons of the Kingdom know. All that remains is to preach the Lord’s Year of Favor – this Jubilee – the good news of the freedom of the sons of God. And as people, one by one, take hold of their freedom, the end of pain, suffering and sorrow will come. (Matthew 24:14)

There has been no greater time in human history when the true good news could be taught and understood worldwide.  It seems we had to pass through an era of darkness and separatism in order to freely and wholeheartedly accept the light of truth that we are all brothers and sons of one Universal Heavenly Father, as demonstrated and taught by our Lord Christ Jesus.

Though we will have to undergo many changes and suffer many inequities in our path to true freedom, the outcome will be glorious.  We will succeed in shaking off the shackles and restoring all that has been lost.  We can rewrite the history of our planet by instilling in each one that you are a beautiful ray of light. (Matthew 5:14-16) So strip away the olden and dead ways that have no true value nor any real power (Colossians 3:9-11), and turn your attention to the unseen where there is both life and kingdom power for this generation and those to come.

This call is being made so that action can be taken now to refine and cleanse ones outer garments with the plain and open teachings of Jesus.  We are to be unblemished and pure in worship so that the Spirit of Truth can bear witness with our indwelling Spirit of the Father.  This is the only honest way to achieve true liberty.

So, with these words, and many more to come, we re-state and re-proclaim, beginning in the house of Christianity, “This Is Your Jubilee – the Lord’s Year of Favor!” Enter into His rest and expect the unexpected!


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