What is the Good News About Religion?


It is said that religion is so vital that it persists in the absence of learning.  It will persist even when it has been contaminated with erroneous ideas and false philosophies.  It will persist even when it promotes and encourages acts of violence to accomplish its ‘peaceful’ goals.  It will persist even when its beliefs are exposed as nonsensical.  The need for religion is so deeply ingrained in the human psyche that it can supersede reason, logic, and even fact. 

But religion can also be the most powerful force for good on our planet.  When religion allows itself to be disciplined by constructive criticism, amplified by enhanced philosophy, purified by true science, and nourished by loyal fellowship, it can add real meaning and value to our lives, our families, our communities, our nations, even our entire planet.  But, most importantly, religion thus refined is the only path to personality survival after human death.  No other endeavor dares to make such a bold promise. 

For those souls who want more life beyond 70 or 80 years of progressive deterioration, who want more experiences beyond those currently attainable in the human condition, who want answers to life’s most perplexing questions, including “Why are we here?” they have only one option that can satisfy their longings – true religion. 

Therefore, fair questions about the nature and destiny of religion itself are relevant.  In every age, man must take a fresh look at religion in light of the advances in knowledge and understanding of himself and his universe.  Only then can we hope to benefit from our religion rather than be stifled and oppressed by it.

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