Am I a Son? – Conquering Doubt


In spite of our intellectual comprehension of the good news of the Kingdom as taught by Jesus – that God is the Father of every man, and that all men are brothers with a heavenly destiny – a faith-son may experience occasional bouts of self-doubt and insecurity with regard to their individual standing before the Father.  While they may firmly believe that God has sons on earth, they find it difficult to believe that they themselves are among that number.  Some view the privilege of sonship to be so lofty that a common person simply could not qualify.  This is especially true for those who have long been taught that they specifically are not and could not be sons due to timing, age, gender, race, and even righteousness. 

Even those who can accept their sonship and do experience the witness of the Spirit find that when encountering the pressures, difficulties and other perplexities of life, the witness of the Spirit is not always palpable.  As a result, insecure feelings rise as to their heavenly inheritance even to the point of questioning whether they have unknowingly sinned in some way that would cause the spirit to withdraw.  One day they are rejoicing in their hope, and the next day they are forlorn and despondent. 

We want our brothers to know that these feelings of insecurity are common and not at all signs that the Spirit is not with you.  We believe that once you understand how the witness of the Spirit operates, many of those feelings of doubt and insecurity will dissipate and you will truly begin to understand, not only the workings of the Spirit, but the operation and profound power of faith itself.  And you will know for a certainty that you are indeed a son of God, in spite of all things to the contrary.

    1. Conquering Doubt
    2. Exercising Faith
    3. The Spirit’s Witness
    4. Conclusion


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