Pressing on to Maturity


“Therefore, now that we have moved beyond the primary doctrine about the Christ, let us press on to maturity, not laying a foundation again, namely, repentance from dead works and faith in God, the teaching on baptisms and the laying on of the hands, the resurrection of the dead and everlasting judgment. And this we will do, if God indeed permits.”
– Hebrews 6:1-3

From the beginning of this ministry, we focused on sonship with God. Most of the articles on this site in some way relate to being sons of God, brothers to one another, and in line to inherit our Father’s belongings – the heavenly kingdom. Of course, there are many other subjects that can be discussed such as immortality of the soul, the trinity, end-time prophecies, evolution vs. creation, hell fire, demons, etc.  And yet we choose to focus on sonship. Why?

We focus on sonship because sonship is more than a mere doctrine. Sonship is identity. It answers the most basic and pressing questions of man, namely, Who are we? Why are we here? And where are we going? Sonship is the key to life, the key to freedom, and the key to a new era of enlightenment – the next religious frontier!  

    1. The Key to Life
    2. The Key to Freedom
    3. The Next Religious Frontier


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