Heavenly Contemplations II | Heavenly Possibilities


There is a true and profound hunger for knowledge about heavenly possibilities. Though mankind has long lived and died for the idea of life with the Father in the heavens, we have greatly lacked any real information upon which to base such a hope.  Accordingly, we expound further on what we can glean from the scriptures to fuel our imaginations about our heavenly inheritance. We invite you to indulge in these contemplation with us in keeping with the scriptural admonition to “set our minds on things above.” (Colossians 2:2)  

We believe it is wise to refrain from dogmatically stating when “the end” will come, or speculating about the meanings of prophetic symbolism.  As history has shown, doing so can cause great harm to believers when those speculations do not come to fruition.  We believe such matters are best left in the hands of the Father alone and to those to whom he has given the accurate unfailing interpretations.  We do not at this time possess that information and so we continue to refrain from speculating about who is the wild beast or the harlot, or when the ‘bowls of anger’ will be poured out, etc.  Nevertheless, this stance does not preclude us from drawing inferences from some of the visions that have to do with the blessings for mankind.  Therefore, in this article, we may utilize some of the words and phrases from the book of Revelation as we propose more heavenly possibilities.

    1. The Heavenly Abodes
    2. Our New Bodies
    3. Heavenly Arts
    4. Companionship


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