Receiving Truth


Once we understand that Jesus is the truth (John 14:6), and we have properly prepared ourselves to receive the truth by emptying ourselves of man-originated doctrines (1 Timothy 1:3-4) and disowning ourselves (Matthew 16:24), then we are ready to receive truth.

As part of our spiritual reboot, we first wanted to understand how to use the Bible to rebuild our faith.  A review of the books of the Bible reveals that it can be divided into four major sections:  

Section 1 - Genesis to Malachi which contain the Hebrew history, experience and understanding of God;

Section 2Matthew to John - which contain the accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings

Section 3Acts to Jude - which contain the acts of the apostles and disciples and their understanding of Jesus and his teachings 

Section 4Revelation - which contains a great and complex prophecy 

We made up a little analogy: The Bible is like a well-stocked banquet. The Hebrew writings are the appetizer, Jesus’ teachings are the meat, the writings of the disciples are the vegetables, and Revelation is dessert.  For our purposes, Section 2 is where we began – the meat of the Bible.  Since Jesus is “the truth,” it seems appropriate to begin here.  

    1. What did Jesus actually teach
    2. Obtaining First-Hand Religion


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