The Plain and Open Teachings of Jesus


A common theme in the articles on our site is the need to focus on the actual, authentic, plain and open teachings of Jesus.  This is so vital in our day since the majority of Christian religions focus their ministry on eschatology – the study of prophecy and end times – rather than the actual and factual matters that Jesus taught.  Yes, Jesus did prophesy about the destruction of Jerusalem and his second coming, and he allowed the Apostle John to see various visions which John recorded in the book of Revelation. But none of these prophetic matters excuse us from exercising faith in the actual, factual teachings.  

We can only truly understand a prophecy after it has been fulfilled.  Up until that day, we can only speculate as to its meaning and timing. But the plain and open teachings can be understood and applied now and they do not change according to world events or the whims of men.  Even when they have been shrouded with superfluous manmade ideas, the plain and open teachings remain untarnished and unambiguous no matter who peels back the dross. 

    1. Gaining Perspective
    2. The Fruits of Eschatology
    3. What Does it Matter?


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