A True Christian Fellowship


It should be rather easy to understand that a true Christian fellowship must be based solely on the plain and open teachings of Jesus, with Jesus their leader and authority, to the glory of the Father. (Matthew 23:8-10) If it is based on anything else, the fellowship will be short lived. This has been demonstrated countless times throughout Christian history. Nearly every reform movement eventually reverted back to a type of authoritative religion of priest and so-called reverent men doling out ‘spiritual food’ to a complacent flock of followers. This cycle must come to an end. As has often been mentioned, it is insanity to keep repeating the same thing and expecting a different result. At some point, there must be a return to the religion Jesus practiced and promoted – a true Christian fellowship of brothers and sons of God. This is the best and only way of assuring that the Christ remains the head of the congregation and is never usurped by men.

In order to understand what a true Christian fellowship is, one must first come to appreciate the difference between spirituality and religion. Once that is understood, the identity and purpose of a true Christian fellowship becomes abundantly clear.

    1. Spirituality vs. Religion
    2. The Nature of a True Christian Fellowship


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