An Open and Candid Discussion


This series on Bringing Heaven Down is an extremely important one.  Somehow we must get our brothers to see the power faith has to change our world.  Somehow we must invigorate our brothers to take an active role as ambassadors substituting for Christ, doing what he did and continuing his work. If his followers fail, his work will have been in vain. 

Jesus brought spirit and heavenly gifts to mankind and asked those who love him to take his message to the ends of the earth.  In nearly 2,000 years, man has been spreading a message about Jesus, but not the message of Jesus – the message Jesus himself taught.  His message was not that he died and was resurrected.  His message was that he lived as the Son of God on earth who prepared places in heaven for everyone who exercises faith in him.  Bringing heaven down places the heavenly hope within the reach of all men, and thereby causes a chain reaction of love and peace resulting in a spiritual brotherhood of man – the worldwide brotherhood of Jesus – no matter where we are situated on this beautiful planet. 

When we hear about what is going on in the world against Christians, it is indeed heartbreaking.  It would be inhumane not to feel distress or not to pray for relief to come.  We believe we have been speaking truth, but perhaps we have not been candid enough.  

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